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Monday, May 16, 2011

Basic Concepts: History of the Robot World

History of the Robot World 

The development of robotics in the beginning but not from the discipline of electronics came from biologist and author of novels and plays the story on the XVIII century. Biological scientists at that time wanted to create a creature that has such characteristics that they want and obey all what what they tell, and until now these creatures they create never materialized into a real, but the material in the novels and stage plays and film.
Just around the nineteenth century robots were developed by engineers, at that time armed with the expertise to make a clock mechanic mechanics they make an imitation of a doll that can move on the part of his body. In 1920, the robot began to develop from the disciplines of electronics, more specifically the branch of electronics disciplines study the automatic control engineering, but in those days a computer that is a major component of a robot which is used for processing and input from sensors and control actuators yet have a fast commutation capability in addition to the physical size of the computer at that time was still quite large.
Intelligent robots began to grow rapidly with the development of computers in about 1950's. With the increasingly rapid computational capabilities of computers and increasingly smaller physical size, the robots are made increasingly have intelligence good enough to perform jobs usually done by humans. At the beginning created, the computer as a means of calculating it, the development of algorithms to make computer programming as an instrument that has the ability as the human brain. Artificial Intellegent or artificial intelligence is a programming algorithm that makes the computer have intelligence like human beings capable of reasoning, to conclusions and decisions based on the experience possessed.

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