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Monday, May 16, 2011

Basic Concepts: Term of Robot

Robot Introduction

The term robot comes from the Cekoslowakia.Kata robot comes from the vocabulary of "Robota" meaning "quick work". This term appeared in 1920 by a playwright named Karel Capec. His work at that time entitled "Rossum's Universal Robots" which means the World Robot Rossum property. Rossum design and build an army that consists of industrial robots are finally becoming too clever and ultimately master the human.
Robotics The word is also derived from the science fiction novel "runaround" written by Isaac Asimov in 1942. While understanding the exact robot is a system or device that can behave or mimic human behavior in order to replace and simplify the labor / human activities.
To be classified as a robot, a machine must have two kinds of capabilities are:
1) Can get information from its surroundings.
2) Can do something physical such as move or manipulate objects.
For a robot can be regarded as a system does not need to emulate all human behavior, but a system can adopt only one or two existing systems in human beings alone can be said to be a robot. The system adopted in the form of the visual system (eyes), auditory system (ear) or the motion system.
A robot can be made for all sorts of activities, but a robot must be made for the purpose of human kindness. There are laws of robotics that need to be held before a person falls in robotics, among others:
1) Robots may not be menciderai humans or in a state without allowing human action closer to being hurt.
2) A robot must obey orders given by humans unless those orders are contrary to the law first.
3) A robot must protect its existence, they do not conflict with the first and second laws.

Usefulness of the robot
In accordance with the definition of a robot on top, then there are many uses of robots. In general, a robot purpose is to replace human labor that require high precision or have a very big risk or bahakn threaten human safety. For example, someone who works in the welding on a vehicle assembly industry, will have the risk of workplace accidents are quite high. So to reduce the working rtesiko need to use robots to replace human labor in these fields, so the risk of workplace accidents can be reduced and even eliminated.
There are also some robots are deliberately created to accompany man in his activities. These robots can be called a robot to play. This robot diciptakn to help people who experience loneliness itself so as to have friends. Robots that include this type include among others Battle Bots, Robot contesti, Robot Dog.

But robots can be broadly classified into several types, among others:
1) Industrial robots
2) Robot space
3) Robot Transport
4) Robot wars
5) Robot remote control
6) medical robot
7) Robot research
8) Robot play, etc.

Modern Era Robot
Robot modern era now more developed for research rather than human penyerupaan. So it has its own intelligence nahkan no plans to make robots that can be matched with human-like intelligence.

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