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Sunday, July 10, 2011

News: Indonesia Intelligent Robot Contest (KRCI) 2011

After a few months ago to discuss some robot contests such as the RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul and the RoboCup 2010 in Singapore. Now turn to discuss the robot contest in their own country, namely Indonesia Indonesia Intelligent Robot Contest.
Intelligent Robot Contest Indonesia (KRCI) held the first held in 2004 by the Directorate General of Higher Education (Higher Education). Previous Higher Education also held a similar event called Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI).
The main reason that pushed Higher Education held an event like this which is to encourage the mastery of advanced technology for the engineering students in Indonesia. After that the selected entries can be adapted to real life which can certainly facilitate the work.

KRCI-KRI has proved itself as one of the robot competition in the world to be reckoned with for some time KRCI team had obtained several international awards such as a gold medal for the category of Fire Fighting Robot Contest on Robogames in San Francisco, USA, June 2009 represented by KRCI team of Indonesian Computer University (UNIKOM) and the older Bandung Indonesia, represented longer-Lil B team from Polytechnic State Electronics Surabaya (PENS) has won first prize in the competition of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest or ABU Robocon is often abbreviated to the held in Fukushima Japan.UGM team in KRCI 2009And for this year's theme used in the KRCI 2011"Intelligent Robot Fire and Intelligent Robot Football".I think this theme was adopted from several international robot contest. And maybe because in Indonesia often fire...
Divided into 3 divisionsKRCI 2011 this time is further divided into three divisions namely1. Intelligent Robot Division Wheeled Fire Extinguisher
Robots are included in the division must use the wheel as a tool motion with a mission to find the source of the fire and extinguish it. Arena used-shaped simulated interior of a house.2. Intelligent Robot Division Legged Fire ExtinguisherThe principle is the same as the previous division but only a tool to distinguish the motion only wear leg.3. Humanoid League Division RoboSoccer Battle
In this division competed two humanoid robots that play soccer. And who put the ball into the opponent's goal at most he was the winner.Implementation there are two stages of Regional and National. Regional will begin 30 April to 29 May which is divided into five regional. And the implementation of the National Contest which is 11 to 12 June 2011 at the University of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta.

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