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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Basic Concepts: Purpose and Motives of Robotisation

Purpose and Motives of Robotisation

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 These are identified as under:
a.       Productivity Improvement
With conventional machine a large proportion of time is spend tool changing and inter operation delays. Use of robot, when properly interfaced with machining system cut down idle time cost, increase production speed and thereby brings improvement in productivity. Experiments on robots manufactured by HMT Bangalore reveal that productivity improved by 45% who a robot attends to machines tool. 

b.      Overall Safety
Indeed all hazardus and dangerous jobs like forging, furnace work, painting welding can be handed over to the robot thereby making work environment a safer and batter place. A most of the accident occur because of the negligence of the worker, lost of concentration and fatigue such accidents will be minimized as robots don’t have these human limitations.
c.      Quality Improvement
The world market has seen a fast improvement in quality in recent part because of new and better technology. Robotics bring consistency and betterment in quality. Even string quality parameters can be achieved because robots are programmed and they work as per given instructions. Chances of errors are minimized.    

d.      Saving in Energy and Material
The robots held saving energy and material consumption as the adopt the best possible sequence which is most effective and efficient as well. Air conditioning, extra light are not required in case of robots as they remind unaffected by very high and low temperatures and can also work well in dark with the help of infer red and vision sensors. Robot also perform 100% inspection on parts end components received for assembly.  

e.      Wastage and Defect
Defects rate reduce from 1% to 0.02% inserting cases due to use of robots. 

f.        Boosting Company’s Image
Use of robots boost company’s image which helped them in securing more orders from quality conscious customers and thereby more profits.

g.       Multi Product Batch or Mixed Flow Line
In period of technological advancement when products life has shortened robots help in mixed flow line production. They process different parts and component with speed and accuracy.  

h.      Export Considerations
Many industries adopted robot to help in achieving quality at economic cost which helped them to export their product by competing over their competitors.

By: Heru Susanto
Kumar, Dr. Surrender and Mukerje, Dr. S.K, “Robotic Engineering”, Satya Prakashan, New Delhi, 2001.  

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